Friday, July 22, 2011

Effective Disaster Relief Programs are Proactive

According to recent reports, natural disasters have made the year 2011 the costliest in terms of property damage thus far, and we are only seven months in. For the United States alone, 98 events (storms, flooding, fires and earthquakes) left $27 billion in economic losses, more than double the 10-year average of $11.8 billion. From these devastating statistics, we can conclude that natural disasters are not only devastating, they are extremely expensive.

Investing in a rapid deployment airframe shelter system ahead of time simplifies and expedites emergency response efforts.  Whatever preparation can be done in advance of a disaster saves precious time—and money. If the shelters are financed and manufactured today, when the tornado, earthquake, hurricane or flood hits, the shelters can be onsite and installed within 24 hours.

The most effective disaster relief programs are proactive. In order to stay true to our proactive mindset we have developed the Life Cube Foundation and a humanitarian project called Adopt a Cube. With these efforts we hope to facilitate inexpensive access of this unique shelter solution to non-profits, NGOs and international service organizations. Donations to support the cost of manufacturing and transporting Life Cube shelters can be made to the Life Cube Foundation or directly to our humanitarian aid partners.

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