Friday, July 8, 2011

Answering Basic Needs After a Disaster

By Pamela Voge, Life Cube Director of External Affairs

The magnitude and frequency of natural disasters and humanitarian crises around the globe demand faster response times and increasingly adaptable approaches to support the delivery of medical treatment, aid and shelter.

That’s why I chose Life Cube after my career at the American Red Cross (as Government Liaison Manager for the Santa Barbara County Chapter.

The three most important things after a natural disaster are seeking shelter, finding food and clean water.  Life Cube offers those who have been displaced after a disaster the most basic means of shelter and comes with food and water for five days.  (Optional packages also include an electrical system with 12-volt battery, solar panel trickle charger, lighting, electric pump, propane system with cooking stove and catalytic heater.)

I have participated in most major domestic disasters within the last 20 years including earthquakes, fires, floods, tornados and hurricanes. It doesn’t matter what the disaster is. The aftermath is the same.  There is destruction and death, and the needs of the surviving people is the same.  They all need shelter, food and water.

Addressing the basic needs after a disaster, our innovative air beam shelter is an all-in-one solution that can be deployed in minutes so survivors can begin to rebuild their lives and their communities.  I’m so proud to represent it.

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