Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life Cube Releases QuietGuide®

By Michael Conner, President, Life Cube, Inc.

We recently partnered with Visual Travel Tours to create a QuietGuide® for easy Life Cube set up.

Life Cube is not as simple to set up as your camping tent, but it is amazingly easy, especially with the new QuietGuide®.

This is the first time that Visual Travel Tours has used their QuietGuide® for humanitarian use and in the few short weeks since the partnership arose, our QuietGuide® has received an outpouring of positive feedback from government and independent aid organizations worldwide.  The QuietGuied® was demonstrated at the premiere emergency preparedness conference at the United Nations in Geneva in May, 2011.

Visual Travel Tours’ QuietGuide® has predominantly been used for travel guides. But it can enable companies in multiple industries, in any location, to create and distribute graphic-rich eBooks and training documents to mobile users. Users can edit, upload, and embed graphics without any desktop word processing applications. The format is “mobile-friendly” and can be uploaded and viewed on virtually any device that has a PDF reader including computers, smartphones, and tablets.             

Using Life Cube’s QuietGuide®, anyone, anywhere can download the instructions to the Life Cube and inflate the shelter in 5 minutes, without any previous experience or knowledge. This advancement is beneficial for those facing any disaster, and makes Life Cube a survival tool truly accessible to all.

Life Cube’s QuietGuide® can be downloaded for FREE from any device with a PDF reader at: http://quietguides.com/.

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