Friday, June 3, 2011

Life Cube Goes Global in May

By Michael Conner, President, Life Cube, Inc.

We had a whirlwind month in May—(and no pun intended, with the tornados).  The global community is definitely getting to know Life Cube.

The United Nations invited us to the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Geneva, where we had the opportunity to showcase Life Cube to more than 180 countries. We were one of only four companies with products at this invitation-only event. We got an extremely positive response from delegates from the UN and NGOs. We were offered a pilot program with the United Nations to use Life Cube for command posts and offices. This is exciting—and I’ll have more on that in a future blog.

Then we were in Madrid, MO (yes, before the devastating Joplin, MO, tornado hit) for FEMA’s National Level Exercise (NLE), the largest functional exercise of its kind undertaken in about 20 years.  The simulation was of a 7.7 magnitude earthquake because 200 years ago there were devastating earthquakes that rolled through this area and of course, the fault lines are still there. It was the first NLE to focus on a natural hazard scenario. Life Cube was an active part of the exercise.

Then after a quick trip to New Orleans for the Rotary International show where we again got a tremendous response, we headed back to Missouri to Joplin after their devastating tornado and set up a Life Cube in the parking lot of St. John’s Mercy Hospital, which was destroyed in the tornado.

This would be one of our ultimate uses--to set up as a temporary new hospital for one that has been damaged or is overflowing. This is the type of information that we are getting out there about Life Cube as we show up around the globe to demonstrate it. We were there several days after the tornado hit, and St. John's used the Life Cube as a processing center for RNs and MDs coming to work.

This is why it is so important to get the word out on Life Cube—so we can be deployed to the sites much more quickly.

And we are proud that Life Cube employees volunteered their time in the relief effort at Joplin. We assisted Samaritans Purse to clear debris from homeowners' properties and help them find their precious treasures in the rubble. These are the first steps in rebuilding their lives. Life Cube is honored to be able to assist in this time of need. 

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